NUF-English AS

What is a NUF?

The NUF, the incorporation form that swept Scandinavia by storm, enables you to create a Norwegian limited company with all the advantages and freedom of an AS company without having to pay any upfront fees. The same legal protections as a limited liability company are yours, but without the initial share investment.

NUF is only expected to continue expanding. An English limited liability company (Ltd) is formed as the first step in the registration process, and then a Norwegian branch of this company is incorporated after that. Although the company was founded in England, you are given the same legal protections as a typical Norwegian company through the branch established because of the freedom of establishment within the EU/EEA.

The equal treatment we are talking about includes the below amongst other things:

  1. Increased social rights
  2. Exemption from auditing duty on turnover below NOK 5 million
  3. No minimum share capital of NOK 30 000
NUF is a natural and accepted form of business in the European business registration industry. The NUF is ideal for companies which do not need to tie up share capital, companies that do not require a mandatory audit or companies that want to start a company which is easy to operate. An easy and affordable to start and run a business.

You receive a Norwegian organization number so you can register for VAT and hire yourself as usual.

PROSelskap will assist you in opening your business in less than 48 hours, guiding you through the entire procedure and offering advice on how to set up your business infrastructure most effectively. Every piece of documentation is delivered promptly. Just focus on growing your business.

NOK 2,975

English Limited Liability Company with Norwegian Branch
Same security as a Norwegian Limited Liability Company, but no requirement for minimum capital and no need for an auditor.
In addition, NOK 2832 has to be paid to the Brønnøysund Register Center and annual follow-up package of NOK 2595 for the first 12 months (NOK 3595 p.a). For customers without an EU VAT number, a surcharge of 17.5% is added.

An affordable company form: same rights, less cost

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