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Apart from our registration services (such as NUF, and AS) we also offer the following business-related services: Webpage Design | Webshop setup | Logo Design | Trademark Registration | Bank Introductions | Malta Company Incorporation | Company Secretary Services.
Our working hours are Monday – Friday from 0900 to 1800 CET

We are proud to say that our diversified workforce speaks the following languages, and we are constantly growing and hiring people from all over the world. We speak a variety of languages, such as but not limited to:

  • English
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Finnish
  • German
  • Italian
  • French

About the NUF

NUF is a corporate form based on a Norwegian branch of a foreign company. It is one of the fastest growing corporate form in Norway as it gives you the same freedoms and benefits as a traditional AS company. NUF is a safe corporate form that frees you from personal responsibility. You get a limited company registered in both England and Norway. The company is in all effects an English limited company, while in Norway you are guaranteed the same rights as a normal Norwegian company, through the freedom of establishment within the EU/EEA. Equal treatment with an AS you get, among other things, tax benefits, limitation of liability, increased social rights and you do not have to tie up at least NOK 30,000 in share capital and the NUF is also exempt from auditing duty on turnover below NOK 5 million. The registration is first made by establishing an English Limited Liability Company (LTD) and then a Norwegian branch is registered by that same English LTD. Thanks to the freedom of establishment within the EU/EEA, Norwegian authorities cannot in any way discriminate against a NUF/against a limited liability company. For this reason, NUF is much cheaper and easier to establish and has the same advantages as a standard AS.
The ideal solution for you is NUF if you don’t need a legally mandated audit, don’t want to tie up share capital in your company at the moment, or just want to run a simple, inexpensive business.
With a NUF, you can register for a VAT number, get a Norwegian registration number, and, in accordance with the law, hire yourself to work for the company.

Pro selskap  walks you through every step of the registration process, which is completed in less than 48 hours. We assist with the company’s follow-up services outside of Norway so you can focus on managing your business and making money.

Yes, it is possible to change from NUF to AS. Our experts will assist you with the transition by providing all the necessary paperwork.
You are, first and foremost, in the right place! Send an email to support@abcselskap.com to get in touch with us about getting started with a NUF.

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